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We work for providing the lowest spread advantages in the forex market.

VarinFX is among the best of the market with the operation conditions it provides for the investors. You can access to the operation hours of investment instruments, spreads and all other operation conditions from this page.

  • Please keep in mind that the opening / closing hours of instruments might change a few minutes.
  • The required margin changes according to the size of the position.
  • Spread rates in all products might change according to the market and liquidity conditions. VarinFX has the right to make changes in the spread rates.
  • Under normal market conditions variable spread is applied in all instruments listed below.
  • However it is possible to see spread increases those are not listed below, in cases where data announcements are made, extraordinary market movements are observed and the liquidity is narrowed.VarinFX always has the right to change the spreads.
  • Leverage is approximately given and it may vary depending on the realtime value of the asset.
  • VarinFX has the right to change leverage rate.

Spread Cost:

(Spread)x(Pip Cost)x(Number of Lots Traded)= Total Cost